We at SWA believe that lighting is what allows architecture and interior design to be understood and appreciated. We work closely with the owner and project designers to assure that the design intent of each space or feature is achieved. Our extensive design experience enables us to specify the most appropriate luminaire for each lighting task and architectural situation, while remaining sensitive to budgetary guidelines and energy restrictions. We can design and monitor production of custom luminaires and/or controls as needed, to improve lighting quality, efficiency, and aesthetics. A new sub-specialty is “dim-to-warm” LED lighting for hospitality settings.

SWA is a full-service lighting design firm and can produce all required documentation involved in the design and specification of the lighting system. While we believe this approach best assures the quality of the final installation, we recognize that such a high level of service is not desired by all clients. We will tailor the depth of our involvement in each phase to our client’s budgetary constraints, allowing our design input to be applied where it is most needed.

Schematic Design, Design Development, and Construction Documentation services:
  • Documentation of existing conditions, if applicable
  • Participation in project meetings
  • Formulation of lighting concepts
  • Organization of lighting mock-ups or other product demonstrations
  • Production of graphics for formal presentations
  • Design and generation of lighting layouts
  • Specification of luminaires, including design of custom luminaires
  • Calculation of illuminance levels and energy consumption
  • Configuration, layout, and specification of controls
Construction Administration services:
  • Review of specified manufacturers’ luminaire shop drawings
  • Monitoring of equipment orders to expedite production and shipment, if required
  • Participation in construction and punch list meetings
  • Correspondence as needed
  • Focus of adjustable luminaires after occupancy, if required
  • Assignment of preset dimmer levels after occupancy, if required
Other Services:
  • Measurement of and reporting on the brightness and code-compliance of outdoor Digital Billboard Signs
  • Expert Witness Services